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Seven Farmer's Daughters

The picture above is the Anton Rist Family taken about 1912 in front of their farm house that had been four miles east of Mascoutah. Anton and Lena (Zinck) Rist had seven daughters, and no sons. But this did not stop them from having a productive farm.

From left to right are: Adelia, Anton, Edna, Clara, Eleanore, Lena holding Tillie, Josephine and Edwina. All seven girls would get married, giving Anton and Lena 15 grandchildren, with two still living as of this date. Currently about 48 great-grandchildren of Anton and Lena are believed to be alive.

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Wedding Celebration

Anton and Lena (Zinck) Rist's eldest daughter Clara, married Louis Kuehn in 1915. Both Clara and Louis had been born in Mascoutah, Illinois, but his family moved 50 miles south to Jackson County when he was a boy. He left the farm and came to nearby Belleville to work as a stove mounter around 1913-1914.

They met at a dance in Mascoutah in early 1914 and married January 1915. After their wedding, Louis and Clara (Rist) Kuehn returned to her parent's home for the above photograph, after which they had a big celebration that was well attended. There was much to eat, and then they rolled up the carpet, swept out the straw, and danced late into the night to music provided by family members.